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Wedding Cakes

A wedding cake design is more about the mood, the feeling, your personalities and a way to express the loves to your beloved one. And we will use all our knowledge and techniques to create the vision you need and with no doubt it would tastes as good as it looks.

At YC&B, each wedding cake is conceptualised and designed to suit your brief. We believe your cake should reflect your personalities and the mood, so as part of our services, we'll provide a free cake consultation, that includes:

•Explore different wedding cake styles - you’ve seen and never seen. Even if there is pre-created pieces that you’ve fallen in love with, we can still give it a twist to ensure it is your very own exclusive design.

• Design your wedding cake - we’ll provide professional advices on all the cake work such as cake size, the effect of using different colour palette, choice of flowers, materials, techniques to ensure your desired cake vision is achieved. Cake sketching will be provided.

• Design to match - we can also coordinate with your wedding planner to match your wedding styling, or even the wedding dress 

• And much more 

Getting married is one of happiest things in life but planning a wedding could be stressful. At YC&B you will have point of contact for you to reply on the entire process, which means you can choose to be involved in decision making as little as much as you like and leave all the stress and details to our cake designer.

We’re delighted you are considering us to be part of your celebrations, for more information please enquire now.

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